Law and islam

Programma a.a. 2018/2019

Prof. Marco Ventura


The course will be divided in three parts. The first part will introduce to a) legal implications of historical, social and geopolitical developments of Islamic communities, and b) contemporary features and issues of national and supranational law on Islamic communities. The second part will introduce to a) Islamic law, and b) the law of Islamic and Majority-Muslim countries and organizations. The third part will introduce to the legal status of Islamic communities in Italy. The course will adopt a “law and religion” methodology of the kind experimented in M. Ventura, From Your Gods to Our Gods. A History of Religion in Indian, South African and British Courts, Eugene OR, Cascade Books, 2014. While paying attention to the historical and socio-political dimensions, a legal analysis will be developed embracing several areas of the law: civil and religious, public and private law, domestic and supranational, constitutional, human rights and comparative. By virtue of its methodology the course also suits students with little or no legal background. Regular attendance is strongly advised.

Prof.ssa Roberta Aluffi Beck-Peccoz (Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Università di Torino) will teach a module of Islamic law.


The reading list will be made available on the e-learning platform. Instructions on how to access the platform will be given in class or by email. The list will include journal articles, book chapters and documents (statutes, court decisions, etc.). The list can be personalised upon agreement with the teacher.